Wall-Hung Boilers

In Massachusetts, heating your home in the winter can be expensive, especially if you have an old inefficient boiler. An alternative to a traditional boiler that sits on the floor, taking up valuable space, is a wall-hung direct-vent gas boiler. The Viessmann systems that we install are up to 97% efficient – saving you not only space, but money on your heating bill. Combine one of these systems with a stainless steel hot water storage tank to get the maximum benefit for home heating and hot water needs.

A wall-hung boiler is not as expensive as you might think. When you combine the Mass Save 0% interest loans with a rebate of up to $1,500 from your gas company – these state of the are water boilers are affordable and make a lot of sense to install in your New England home.

Kaufman Plumbing and Heating has extensive experience  installing these wall-hung systems. We’ll also remove the old boiler and provide a licensed electrician to wire the new boiler.

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